Historycal Notes

The beans were brought to Europe from America and since then they have been the main source of protein for generations. Because of its large need of water it used to be cultivated along the river, today with modern technique it is possible to cultivate Sorana beans all over the valley, with heavy emigration from these areas during the 1950s up until 1970s Sorana beans have risked being lost. It is thanks to a few local  farmer’s families, proud of their traditions and to the recent IGP (Protected Geographical Identification - the European certification system) that today Sorana bean maintains it’s reputation which has always been  appreciated over the years by people like Gioacchino Rossini the  composer who used to ask his friends from Pescia to compensate his works with Sorana beans. Giuseppe Verdi has more than once mentioned the Sorana bean for its qualities and Edmondo de Amicis refers to have seen Sorana beans on sale in Costantinopoli’s market.